3D 4D Ultrasound

Envision seeing 3d ultrasound pictures of your baby’s face for the very first time while it is still in the womb. Envision watching your unborn baby yawn, stretch, and suck its thumb in real time 4D ultrasound video .  Envision bringing your family and friends to your appointment to experience this miracle with you. Now, through the technology of 3D/4D Ultrasound , expectant parents no longer have to wait to see if their baby looks like mommy or daddy.

Envision Imaging is Columbus, Ohio’s only credentialed 3d ultrasound facility and the most advanced 3D and 4D ultrasound imaging facility in Ohio.  Our facility meets the needs of expecting parents and healthcare providers alike. We specialize in prenatal ultrasound offering both the very popular elective 3D/4D limited diagnostic sonograms as well as full diagnostic ultrasounds.

Envision Imaging sets itself apart from other ‘keepsake’ only facilities by adhering to all local, state, and federal regulations regarding the use of ultrasound.  This includes having a highly respected, local Ob/Gyn as our medical director and interpreting physician, employing only sonographers that are registered by the View our affordable packages now!American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers (ARDMS) and that have 15 or more years of diagnostic OB ultrasound experience, having a registered nurse on staff to answer your labor and delivery questions.  Our medically credentialed staff along with our superior 3D/4D imaging techniques is the reason that Envision Imaging is recommended by more Ob/Gyns than other facility.


Prenatal Diagnostic
Ultrasound Services
2D Ultrasound
Our full diagnostic services provide prenatal ultrasounds for those who would simply like to experience a more family-centered environment.

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Prenatal Elective Limited Diagnostic
Ultrasound Services
3D Ultrasound
The same highly trained and skilled technologists that perform our full diagnostic ultrasound scans are also proficient in the art of 3D, 4D ultrasounds as well.

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Envision Imaging
5020 Reed Road, Suite B
Columbus, Ohio  43220
Phone: 614-451-BABY (2229)
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